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An App For Our Clients

We use a pet sitting app for clients, available now on Google Play and iTunes. With this app, you can keep information up to date, book new services, pay invoices, change/update credit card, and see completed services.  

We know people expect to be able to interact with the services they use with an app. Whether its doing their banking or booking a table at a restaurant, many of our clients expect this convenience.

When you install the app on your phone the next time you need to book a pet sitting or dog walking service you can simply log into the app vs. having to find us again on the web.

When using the app, Please fill in the Contact Fields on the left hand side of page using the drop down menu!   iPhone and Android Links below:

An App For Our Clients

Under the Pet Tab you can add more than one pet and leave their Vet Info, Medication Requirements, Type of Food and how much to feed at each meal and more! Please be as thorough as possible when entering info about your home and pets!

  • Are We to NEVER lock your garage door when you are on vacation?
  • Does your kitty sometimes miss the litter box because of illness?
  • Does the utility room door at times open because of weather/shift changes?
  • Does the maid service come on different days of the week?
  • Does your pet need injections and oral medications or both?
  • If your kitty is shy, where are their favorite hiding spots?
  • Is your cat aggressive/bitten anyone?  What were the circumstances?
  • Are there feral cats you’d like us to feed while you are away?
  • While out for a walk does your dog charge other pets or bicycles? 

These are just a few examples. Help us to help your pets when you are away!


Here are the links to download to your phone!

Thank you for using Vital Visits!











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