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Anyone Can Say They Are A Pet Sitting Business Owner! Pet Sitting Richardson, TX

Now Anyone Can Say They Are A Pet Sitting Business?!

Professional Pet Sitting Business Owner - Richardson, TX

Have you heard of the recent story in the news about the owner of a pet sitting business being caught for stealing?   There are many reasons to be careful when hiring a pet sitter!   Now, it will become apparent to some just how easy it is to say they are an owner of a pet sitting business.


Sometimes we are so rushed that we forget the important issues.  Anyone can say they are a pet sitting business owner! …..WOW!        

  1.  How long has the pet sitting service been in business?
  2.  Does the pet sitting service use employees or independent contractors?
  3.   Does your pet sitter offer references?
  4.   Is the pet sitting service you hire Bonded and Insured
  5.   Are you privy to background checks?
  6.  Even a business owner should have a background check on file.
  7.  What are others on their social media saying about the service?
  8.  A business that has been around for a while will have proof of Pet First Aid and CPR.
  9.  Does the pet sitting service you are thinking about hiring offer online scheduling for you, or is she/he a text away?   This makes for a hobby pet sitter (I know, I’ll take some slack!).  A professional pet sitting service provides top notch communication and will require you to schedule and update your pet profile online, not a quick text.  There is a high chance that new pet information will not be remembered if not using scheduling software.  Do you really want to take that chance with your pets?!

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These are just a few reasons to make sure you are using a reputable pet sitting service and not a fly by night service…here today and gone tomorrow.

Happy Pets are Healthy Pets!!

Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service answers ALL of your questions.  Peace of Mind for you!

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