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What Is Animal Hoarding?

We have all heard of hoarders- people who collect large amounts of things for no real clear purpose and end up being unable to manage it.  Unfortunately, animal hoarding is also a very real thing that happens every day. Animal hoarding is when a person has an overabundance of animals in their home and is […]

Can Animal Diseases Be Transferred To You?

  When many of us were kids we played at our grandparents farms and chased chickens, (could never catch them!) and pestered the pigs until all hours.  I remember those days as fun and innocent. We didn’t have a care in the world then, fast forward to today…..Veterinary medicine has progressed so much!  Wow!  What […]

Do You Feed Your Pets Canned Tuna?

We know that so many of you feed canned fish daily and for the most part it is A-ok.  Some don’t agree especially when we talk about feeding tuna to dogs.  Whether or not you do is your business, so we thought telling you about this recall would be helpful for you.  I know I’ll […]

Why Does My Dog Eat Poo?

  Coprophagia Admittedly, sometimes our dogs can do some strange and disgusting things that we as humans cannot quite comprehend.  One of them that is highly questionable to us is why they eat poo.  Some will eat their own after they’ve done their business while others seem to want to dig up their cat friend’s […]

Why Do Some Of Us Not Use A Non Disparagement Clause?

  Did You Hear About The Couple Being Sued By A Pet Sitting Service? An issue within the pet sitting industry has come up in a city we service that has hit the New York Daily News, and a popular radio station 570 am which was on the Grant Stenchfield Show.   A couple is […]

What Are Some Best Toys For A Puppy?

 Ever Wonder What Are The Best Toys For A Puppy? When you go to the pet store to pick up your new pups first toys, it is important to consider a number of factors to ensure the safety, entertainment and health benefits of the toys you choose.  It can be very overwhelming when standing in […]

Does He Need A Coat In Wintertime?

We’ve had a mild winter here to say the least, but you never know how the winter weather will change, and to answer the age old question; does he need a coat in wintertime helps us to be ready for those cold snaps! When winter is upon us it is important to consider the comfort […]

Why You Should Hire A Daily Dog Walker

Ok, so perhaps we are a little bit biased. But the facts are astounding benefits can be provided by hiring a daily dog walker for you personally, along with for your pet.   Listed below are the top 5 reasons we consider hiring a dog walker is amazingly important: Health – As using their human […]

Why Rawhide Dog Treats Are Bad You Decide

When shopping in the pet isle at the local pet store you’ll see a large assortment of dog treats which include various sizes of rawhide versions.  The assortment can be overwhelming!  Just what is this rawhide dog treat? Should this be given to your dog? What Is Rawhide? It is the interior layer of horse […]

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