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Are You Prepared For A Weather Emergency With Your Pet?

  We are heading into that time of year where we see dark clouds forming and tornado alerts happening calling for upcoming weather emergencies.! Here we offer a list of helpful ideas that can get the ball rolling to help in a weather emergency BEFORE it happens! It can happen to you, a tornado strikes […]

November Newsletter 2017

Vital Visits News, Tips, and Fun!   Vital Visits Pup and Person Info! Thanksgiving is on the horizon! Now Hiring Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers and Overnight Pet Sitters For weekly and weekend work! If you know anyone that may be interested send them this link to Apply. Thank you! Book your holiday vacations now!   Thanksgiving Pet Safety […]

How to Choose a Pet? Dogs vs Cats

  If you decided to purchase a pet, you must be responsible and reasonable. This may seem very easy: that`s enough to visit a pet store or bird market and to buy what you liked. However, in reality it is not so simple – in fact each animal requires a certain care and must be […]

Tips on Caring for Disabled Dogs

Dog disabilities could be a result of illness, physical injury or accidents. Just because your dog is disabled, it should not stop you from enjoying its company. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to help the dog live a normal life and cope with the situation. Below are a few tips to keep […]

First Aid Tips On Dogs

If you have a dog, then you would know how their curiosity and activeness can get them into trouble. Sometimes, they even get hurt because of their misadventures. Knowing how to apply basic first aid on dogs can not only help it cope with the pain, it could even save their life. Thousands of dogs […]

Prepare a Personal First Aid Kit for Pets

  If you are like most pet owners, your pets are valued members of your family. It is a documented fact that many have risked life and limb to save their precious pets during a disaster. Statistically, however, it is more often small cuts and scrapes that occur that require immediate attention, rather than major […]

Pet Sitting- Independent Contractor or Employee? Whats The big Deal? – Richardson TX

Why are pet sitting prices all over the map?  Have you ever wondered?   It makes a difference if a pet sitter is an independent contractor (less expensive per visit) or an employee (more expensive per visit because of taxes, workers comp) Do you really think that trusting your loved one(s) and your worldly possessions […]

Dog Boarding Dogie Lodge- Richardson Tx

There are times that we get these questions and there are most likely many issues that some may not know or consider.  There is an ongoing debate with day care facilities and private in home dog boarding.  Once you know the difference you won’t go back. 1.   Do you think your dog is cared for, […]

Cat Feeder and Your Cat

To have a cat is fun and a source of joy. However if you have a lazy cat, it is a real pain and if the cat happens to become fat or obese, you can imagine the trouble you are into. While for a Dog a walk in the morning could be a trip to […]

Overnight Pet Sitting for Cats Too!

Author:  Candice Lewis Overnight Pet Sitting is not only for dogs.  We provide Overnight Service for your kitties too! Cute, playful, adorable, yet lazy, independent, hunters. If you are a cat owner like myself do you ever wonder why cats act the way they do? I recently watched a video called ‘Cat Connection’ to see […]