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How Do You Reserve Pet Sitting? – V V pets – Richardson TX

  Have you ever wondered how we keep up with who we get to visit with, and what sort of information we need to know before the pet sitting visit? Some of the items that we have to know before the pet visit are:  You can mail this to us! Client Service Template 1.  What type […]

Bonded & Insured Pet Sitting – What in the world does it mean? – Richardson TX

What does it mean to you to have a bonded & insured person in your home? Does having liability insurance and a bond give you more peace of mind? Just what does it all mean? We are insured and bonded by a company by the name of Mourer Foster Insurance. This company works with pet […]

Our Winter Newsletter – Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service- Richardson, TX

Our Winter Newsletter – Vital Visits! – Winter newsletter 2015 please click here!

Our Fall Newsletter

Fall Newsletter <<Click here to view !

Formula For A Great Overnight Visit! – Professional Pet Sitting in Richardson, TX

You certainly know that it is hard to leave your pets overnight!  I wanted to help make it better for you, your pets, and your pet sitter! This Formula For A Great Overnight Visit  helps us to provide great overnight service. This list  helps your pet sitter when providing service for you!    Be Ready!   […]

Pets Equal Pocket Money?

  If you are used to using a professional pet sitting service, then I am sure you don’t like the sound of that title! PETS EQUAL POCKET MONEY!? How could anyone?  But, what am I talking about?   I’ll tell you, and please remember that this is just my opinion, and the opinion of many other […]

Daily Dog Walking Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service – Is Your Dog This Spoiled?

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Daily Dog Walking Vital Visits Pet Sitting Srv I had to post the above video today on Valentines Day because this is the day of love!     How much fun does your dog have on his walks?  This much? Is your dog this spoiled?   🙂 Some of us don’t get to […]

What Is Your Pet Sitters Emergency Plan When There Is Ice On The Street?- Richardson, TX

In the Richardson area and surrounding suburbs this winter we have seen a lot of  very cold icy weather that doesn’t seem to go away much before we are hit by another storm.  What is Your Pet Sitters Emergency Plan When There Is Ice On The Street? Across the country there are posts on social […]

A Dog Lovers Fantasy Super Bowl Team

What do you think your Fantasy Super Bowl Team would look like if dogs played instead of humans?     In the small to medium breed groups we like schnauzers because they are brave, sinewy, squared, and sturdy.  Mix breed/mongrel dogs are survivors and very intelligent.  Either of these; the schnauzer or the mongrel could […]

Five Foods Your Pets Should Avoid During Super Bowl

Well, its that time of year again! Your favorite team is up and now is the time to get together with your friends and family to root them on to a win!!  I’m talking about Super Bowl Sunday! When getting ready and planning the party, lets all remember five foods your pets should avoid during […]