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The 4th of July And Your Pets!

4th of July and your pets

I love celebrating the 4th of July!  We love meeting up with friends at various different shows in the area and spending time celebrating the holiday.  I look forward to it every year!  In my city shows start four days before the 4th, so that means lots of time celebrating! read more

What Happens At A Pet Visit? Plano,TX Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Plano, TXWhat Happens At A Pet Visit In Plano,Tx?

This is one of the first questions we are asked.  Of course, it depends on what type of pet visit  being performed, but most clients are surprised to know that they choose what happens, NOT us.  We will follow your instructions during our visits to the T. It is your pet sitters job to care for your pet (s) the way that you would if you were home! read more

Pets Equal Pocket Money?


If you are used to using a professional pet sitting service, then I am sure you don’t like the sound of that title! PETS EQUAL POCKET MONEY!?

pets = equal pocket money?How could anyone?  But, what am I talking about?   I’ll tell you, and please remember that this is just my opinion, and the opinion of many other pet sitting business owners in the country.

I’m talking about dogvacay and where pets equal pocket money

When looking on their sites which are wonderful I might add, it seems that they are full of caring loving pet sitters.  Of this I’m not so sure, but I understand why these sites exist.  They exist to find ANYONE to signup with their service and offer pet sitting, dog walking, or boarding.

 Of course, these workers do work hard and Give some of their income to the company they work for.  All for the privilege of finding them people that want to pay less for pet sitting or dog walking.   So, they find the people that need the service, and send info to workers signed up with them.  Doesn’t sound bad, right!?  Wrong.   Until you start to realize that many of the people working for these type of sites are not trained in handling pets, or know Pet First Aid, or CPR, & get their liability insurance (which is limited) through the site they work for.

Now, let’s talk about bonding.   Bonding someone is not as easy as you may think, and  some of these people are not bonded.  The background checks these sites do is minuscule and hardly constitutes a background check at all.  If you give someone $9.00 – $25.00 to perform a background check you’d think that something is being checked!   Actually, who is to tell….. when the check comes back with, or without information, because don’t you wonder JUST WHO IS

Does Your Cat Drink From The Faucet?

If you’re like most pet parents, you keep  water bowls and food bowls clean.  Why do you do this?  Well, to say the least, I know that we are concerned with what our pets eat, or at the very least we make sure the bowls are spiffy clean. Does Your Cat Drink From The Faucet?

Have you wondered why your cat drinks from the faucet…  maybe in the bathroom, or the kitchen?  Or, have you noticed that your cat likes to play in the water…..least we say in the toilet bowl?! read more

So, you’re thinking of bringing home a new kitty!? – Cat Sitting- Richardson, TX

I know!  They are soft, fun, and fluffy, but there are some things for you to think about before before bringing home kitty!Cat Sitting Richardson, TX

Choosing a new kitten

Are you thinking about adding a new kitten to the family?  If you have had cats in the past then you know that this isn’t a decision to make lightly!   If you are new to having a cat then there are things you should consider first!   Here I have made a list of topics and ideas for you to consider. read more

Do You Trust Someone You Don’t Recognize To Pet Sit For You? – Pet Sitting – Richardson, TX

Pet Sitting Richardson, TXI had a called from a  long time client  who asked me to return her house keys as soon as possible.  She was going to move back home to Colorado in what was an emergency as her mother  had just passed and needed her house keys asap!  Truth be told, it is none of my business why she asked for her keys back, but seeing that she was a wonderful client, and her message was garbled and I could barely make it out, I decided that I’d return her keys in person. read more

New Kennel Virus In The News Today! – Use A Pet Sitting Service Instead

New Kennel Virus In The News Today!  


dog kennel                                   Which would you rather have?

Dog Walking Dallas, TX

Ok, this is getting scary people!   A new virus is spreading currently through three states that affects dogs, and there is no known cure, or vaccine for it. It is highly contagious especially in kennel situations. read more

Best Cat Litter? We Answer You – Cat Sitter – Plano, TX

Cat Sitter Plano, TXWorking in pet sitting for 12+ years has led me to have an opinion or two on the best litter for your kitty!  You can imagine can’t you?     We’ve taken care of a large number of cats!  One of the jobs we do is to make sure the kitty litter is sifted and to clean the box.  It is a yucky job that is for sure!   There are times that litter only does a half a—-ed job if you know what I mean!   Seriously, here is a list of some of the litters we have used and the pros and the cons of each.  Of course, this is from the view point of pet sitting. read more

Why Do Cats Urinate in the House?

There are many reasons why your cat might be peeing in the house, anything from cleanliness, change of territory and the scent of another cat. Let’s look at why cats urinate in the house and what you can do to make it stop.Cat Sitting Richardson,TX

Making your cat stop urinating on the carpet is easier than it seems. Many cat owners cannot keep an eye on their pet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it becomes difficult to see what they are doing, where and why they are doing it. I want to run through some real life situations that have happened to me, and how I stopped the constant urinating on carpets. read more

Simple Tips On Cleaning A Pet Cage – Plano, TX Cat Sitter

Cleaning your pet’s cage is one of the keys to keeping your pet healthy at all times. It will make your pet’s living space free from germs and foul odor, making it a comfortable environment to live in. It can also minimize the chance of bacterial and fungal infections to your pet. read more