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Cat Sitting

Pet Sitting Isn’t Just For Dogs,  Your Kitty Needs Special Attention Too!

Are you leaving for a business trip or vacation and worry for your fur kid?  Can you envision your KITTY staying  home with his toys and favorite treats relaxing and having adventures at home as if YOU WERE THERE?! This is what we offer to you while Cat Sitting.  We know that every cat is an individual.  We understand the anxiety and stress that can happen when  you leave them.

Our Cat Sitting Service offers an alternative to leaving your cat with a friend, neighbor, or in a cattery.

Your Cat Needs Stimulation and Companionship when you are away, not just food and water.   Our Cat Sitting Visits are specifically  designed to meet the needs of your cats whether your cat is shy or elderly, because we don’t charge by time.

What Your Cat Gets:

  • When Cat Sitting We follow your specific instructions regarding Care, Play, and Feeding                 Cat Sitting
  • Special Love & Attention
  • We do not force your kitty to interact if they do not want to!
  • Play Time with their toys
  • Medication on time
  • A Maintained & Filtered Litter Box(s) at every visit
  • Treat Time
  • Of Course Food and Water (filtered, or kitchen faucet left on for kitty)
  • Hair Brushing Time to limit hairballs
  • Picked up food particles that your kitty did not eat

What You Get:

  • Observance of any changes are immediately reported to you!
  • Daily Visit Notes online or hard copy notes left at home
  • Email Updates
  • Picture Updates
  • Bring in/take out trash
  • Bring in mail
  • Rotate blinds, and or lights for added security

No worrying about coming home to additional charges.  We charge one price not based on time, or per pet. Do you realize you can actually pay more with traditional 30 minute visits which are timed/per pet? You will never come home to an additional invoice because we stayed longer than the ‘contracted amount of time’.  Think of it, no worries or extra bills.

One Price Full Service!

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