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December Newsletter 2017

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Relax and enjoy the holidays!

  • Unwanted Pet Items – We are picking up unwanted pet items. If you have any unwanted pet items; food, towels, sheets, etc. and some magazine paper items for the bird sanctuary, please let us know. The next time Vital Visits cares for your pets, leave a note for your Pet Sitter to bring the unwanted pet items to the office. If we cannot use pet items for the fosters and rescues on our list, we will gladly donate to one of the shelters we work with.  
  • Job Openings – adding sitters! Adding Pet Sitters to Plano, TX  Richardson, TX Dallas, TX and Garland, TX.  If you know anyone that may be interested send them this link to Apply. Thank you!

Fun Holiday Pet Gifts!



Feline Laser Chasing Scratching Post – This scratching post does double duty, it’s made with heavy duty sisal yarn and a felt cover base for your cats scratching pleasure, and it has a laser beam that moves across the floor in unpredictable patterns. Never ending fun!

Whale Cat Bed – From the UncommonGoods catalog, this warm and cozy maritime-inspired bed has a fringe that doubles as a toy. Machine washable and made in the USA. 

Meowbox – A monthly gift box filled with surprises for your kitty. It’s loaded with toys, treats, and a BOX! With every Meowbox sold they donate food to shelter cats.

Thermo Heated Kitty Windowsill with Fleece – This kitty sill will give your cat an enjoyable warm spot to watch the world from your window. Leave it plugged in all day, so it’s warm and snuggly for your cat. Cover removes for easy cleaning in your washer. The sill supports over 40 pounds!


Barkbox – Welcome to a whole new world of joy with your dog! Get a monthly box packed with goodies for your best friend; themed boxes with treats, toys, and chews. They guarantee your pup will love them!

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher – This fully automatic launcher throws standard sized tennis balls 3 different distances. Now you can have fun with your dog without straining your pitching arm!

Honest Kitchen Bone Broth –  Mix this broth with warm water and jazz up your pet’s food. This meets FDA standards for human food; it’s all natural with no GMO ingredients and all made in the USA. It comes in 3 delicious flavors; your pet will love it.

Rock’N Bowl – This unique dish is made especially for the dog that inhales their food. It’s a roly-poly puzzle that slowly releases your dog’s meal. From UncommonGoods.

Other Pets

Toss and Chew Sisal Rope Toy – A fun and safe toy for your bunny to chew, pull, and toss. From a great Etsy store, Bunny Rabbit Toys, this is handmade in the USA.

Small Animal Hideout
This adorable all wood hideout provides a place for your small pet, hamster, gerbil, or rat to have a place to hang out.  The all natural wood hideout is safe for your pet and promotes nesting and satisfies their chewing instincts.


PetCube Camera – Every pet owner needs one of these! This camera lets you watch and talk to your pets on your smartphone! Watch your pet in HD video with a wide angle lens, and talk with your pet using the 2-way audio! Capture and share what your pet is doing. Fun!

Dog Pillows – Unique pillows celebrating your breed’s special traits, created by Illustrator Patricia Carlin in Brooklyn, NY! Made from 100% cotton canvas.

We wish you and your fur friends a warm and happy holiday season!


Does your best friend have the flu?

Canine Influenza is a highly contagious viral infection that affects dogs and cats. There are 2 strains of the illness, and it’s relatively new virus which means that very few pets have immunities to it.

This illness is very easily spread between pets via droplets or aerosol transmission. Your pet can catch it just by being near a sick animal who coughs, sneezes, or even barks! It tends to spread where pets congregate: the dog park, a kennel, the groomer, or doggy daycare facilities (good reasons to use a pet sitter)!

The virus can live for 48 hours on surfaces, which means that toys, water bowls, leashes, and other objects can spread this virus. The incubation period is 1 – 5 days, and it’s in this time period when a pet is most contagious. It’s also before they show any symptoms, so you can see why it’s so easily spread.

This flu can cause severe respiratory infections, so you need to look for these symptoms: a cough, nasal or eye discharge, sneezing, lethargy, fever, and lack of appetite. If your pet is showing symptoms, it’s time to go to the vet and have the severity of their flu diagnosed. Many pets also come down with secondary bacterial infections that may need treatment.

If your dog or cat is diagnosed with Canine Influenza, your vet will set up a treatment plan depending on how your pet is doing. Some may just need rest, while others may need fluids or antibiotics for secondary infections.

The good news is that there is a vaccine for dogs (not for cats). Discuss the flu situation in your area with your vet before your best friend gets ill, to help you make a decision about vaccinating your pet.

States with flu outbreaks (all but 4)

More Flu Information


Fun Pet Holidays in December

December 2 – National Mutt Day
December 4 – World Wildlife Conservation Day 
December 13 – National Day of the Horse
December 14 – Monkey Day


Are You (and your cat) Ready for a Friend?

There is no such thing as too many cats, right? Who doesn’t love purring, kitty kisses, and catnaps? There are many benefits to having 2 cats. In multiple cat households, the kitties get far more exercise, social interaction, and play. 

Most cats do have social needs. Feral cats tend to live in groups, especially when resources (food) are plentiful. House cats that live alone sometimes have behavioral problems like scratching because they are bored or sleeping all day long which can lead to a fat cat.

Before you rush out and find a friend for your cat, consider their age and personality. Have they interacted with any other cats? How do they behave when they see a cat outside?

A shy cat doesn’t want a bossy friend, an elderly cat may not be receptive to a kitten, and a high energy cat may do better with a similar personality and energy level friend. Always consider your cat’s activity level, sociability, and experience with other cats.

If you are looking for another cat, please go to your local shelter. Not only do they have a lot of cats available for adoption but they usually have a good handle on the personalities of shelter residents. They can help you make a good match for your cat.

Next month…. how to introduce your cat to a new friend.

Adding a new cat to your household may be a gift to both you and your cat.


Great Pet Links!

Here are some interesting pet articles, pictures, and videos we’ve found on the net this month.

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