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February Newsletter 2018

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • It’s still doggone cold out there!Consider taking your pooch on a few, but shorter walks in this chilly weather. Put a sweater on smaller dogs or those with short coats!
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Pet

Is your valentine handsome, athletic, with big brown eyes, and LOVES long walks on the beach? Mine too; it’s my dog! Millions of dollars each year are spent on pets for this loving holiday. And why not? 85% of pet owners say their best friends give them the unconditional love they don’t get anywhere else.

Here are a few ideas to share this holiday with your pet. 

  • Get some exercise! Explore a new neighborhood or take a hike, it’s not only healthy it’s also a great way to bond.
  • How about a new toy? Consider a toy that will give them hours of fun; like a Buster Cube or a Kong. 
  • Learn some new tricks! Training a dog or cat with treats is relatively easy. Make it fun. If your pet isn’t much into training, set aside a special playtime and spend some quality time together.
  • Snuggle on the sofa while watching your favorite movie, maybe The Aristocats, Lassie, or The Adventures of Milo and Otis!
  • Whip up a batch of homemade treats; they are easy and fun to make. 
  • Give them a massage; most pets love them.
  • Do your buddy a favor and learn pet CPR.
  • Donate to your local shelter in your pet’s name.

On the flip side, Valentine’s Day can be a hazard for your pets. Keep them away from these items.

  • Chocolate and cocoa are poisonous to many animals. If you receive them as a gift keep them locked away.
  • Many candies are also unsafe, especially sugar-free candy and gum. They contain xylitol, a sweetener that is toxic to pets.
  • Did you get some flowers? Keep them away too; they can have fertilizers and insecticides on them. Some plants and flowers are toxic while others, like roses with thorns, could injure them.

Now you’re all set to have a doggone good Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Pet Safety Tips from the ASPCA


February is National Pet Dental Month

We’ve all heard that we should be brushing our pet’s teeth, but do you know why? Not only does it keep their breath sweet but poor dental health has a daily impact on your pets overall health.

If you’ve never brushed your best friends teeth and they are in poor condition, you’ll want to have your vet professionally clean their teeth. It often requires anesthesia, but it’s well worth it to start fresh.

There are oodles of dental care products on the market for your pet, and studies have shown that a combination of brushing and hard chew toys does that best job for keeping their choppers clean. So, grab a doggy toothbrush, some flavored toothpaste, and try to brush them every day.

There are a variety of toys that can help, for example, Kong Extreme Bone, Kong Kitty Toys, Pro Action Dental Chew, or Flossy Chews Rope toys; they act like dental floss. There are also treats specifically designed to clean teeth, such as Greenies (made for both cats and dogs), Zuke’s Z-Bones Dental Chews, Merrick Fresh Kisses, or Hill’s Science Diet Canine Oral Care Chews.

Dr. Bellows, a specialist in Veterinary Dentistry, tells people when they ask how long their new puppy will live, “your pup will live 15 – 17 years if you brush their teeth daily, 11 – 13 if you don’t.”

If that doesn’t convince you to start brushing, we don’t know what will!10 Tips for Better Dog Dental Health
10 Tips for Cat Dental Health


2 Behaviors Your Cat Wants You To Understand

Is your cat drinking from everywhere other than their water bowl?  There are a few reasons your kitty may be doing this. Many cats can’t see standing water well, but they can hear and see running water. This may be why your cat drinks from a dripping faucet.

Cats are also very sensitive to the size and material of a water bowl. They won’t like it if it’s too small (hits their whiskers) or too big. Felines are also very sensitive to smell, and some plastic bowls give off a scent that your cat may not like. Additionally, instinct may be telling them that standing water isn’t safe because in the wild it’s often a breeding ground for bacteria. Lastly, if your cat eats canned or fresh food, they may get enough water in that.

So what can you do? We know of people that leave a faucet dripping, or turn it on a few times a day so their cat can drink. You could try adding flavored water (mixed with a bit of tuna fish) to their regular meal which may satisfy most of their H2O needs. There are running water pet fountains on the market; both cats and dogs love them. Cats are finicky about having a spotless water bowl, so be sure to wash it and change the water every day. If your pet’s drinking habits change suddenly, it could be a sign of illness, and you’ll want to get advice from your vet.

Why does my cat sit in high places? We know of a cat that spends most of his day on top of his people’s refrigerator, surveying the lay of the land. It’s instinctual for most cats; they are safer in the wild when not on the ground, and they love having a high vantage point. It is part of your cat’s hunting skill set to be up high, keeping an eye out for small prey (which hopefully you don’t have in the house)! Many homes are warmer near the ceiling (remember, heat rises) and what cat doesn’t like a toasty cat nap? Climbing is also an entertaining activity for a kitty. And of course, in a multi-cat household, a little height often keeps the peace.

Be sure to provide your cat with some vertical territory. Some people have shelves up near the ceiling for their cats to hang out on (they will need a way to get up there). You can buy a multi-level kitty condo, keep in mind they need to be sturdy and stable; most cats won’t enjoy a wobbly one. Felines love watching the world from a window; consider putting a shelf or cat tree at window level so they can nap and watch the world go by!

Our pet’s quirkiness is part of the joy of having them, does your cat have some interesting behaviors?


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