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Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter – Richardson Tx

Hiring A Professional Pet Sitter

There are many schools of thought on what to look for before you hire a pet sitter. Does your pet sitter have a backup person when they become ill?  Does your pet sitter have an Inclement Weather clause?   How will your pets be cared for? Does the pet sitter have experience? Or, is the person a ‘Hobby Sitter’?   Below is a list written  by a PSI member on what to look for before you hire a pet care provider.

The following was written by:  Beth Stultz of Pet Sitters International

Hiring A Professional Pet Sitter. What you need to know!
Posted by Beth Stultz | © Pet Sitter International

Anyone can hang out a shingle and call themself a pet sitter. We understand that with
increased competition, professional pet sitters must separate themselves from nonprofessional
pet sitters often call hobbyist pet sitters and educate pet owners about what
to look for in a pet-care service. Professionals earn the pet-owning public’s trust and
loyalty by consistently using these practices: So, what makes a pet sitter a professional pet
A professional pet sitter:

  • Maintains current and adequate bonding and liability insurance.
  • Visits the client’s home before the first pet-sitting assignment to meet the pets and obtain/record detailed information about specific needs.
  • Provides materials or online access to descriptions of services and fees.
  • Utilizes a legally compliant, written service contract to clarify services, fees, visit schedule, time allocated per visit and all other agreements, thereby establishing clear expectations in advance for both parties.
  • Takes precautions to make sure a client’s absence from home is not detectable because of careless actions or disclosures by the sitter.
  • Has systems in place to ensure the security of home keys in his or her possession.
  • Confirms client’s return and has pre-agreed arrangements for continued care in the event that the client is delayed or detained by emergency.
  • Has a contingency plan for pet care in case of inclement weather or personal illness.
  • Solicits service feedback from clients and responds appropriately.
  • Responds to client inquiries and complaints promptly.
  • Has a veterinarian on call for emergency service.
  • Is courteous, interested and well-educated in the disciplines of pet sitting.
  • A professional pet sitter:
  • Learns as much as possible about the routines, behaviors and needs of animals in his or her care.
  • Has adequate experience in caring for pets and is knowledgeable in pet first aid to best protect their safety and well-being.
  • Understands and upholds local ordinances and laws applicable to animals in their service areas.

Thought you should know!  Thanks for reading! :)


  1. Hi, this article really helpful for me. I am confused about choosing the professional pet sitter what would be the best for everything. But review this article my confusion is clear, Thanks.

  2. You have pointed out some valid points exceptionally well. As a pet owner, I believe that professional pet sitters are serious about their job and they are serious about taking excellent care of your pet and your home. They are bonded, insured, and trained in emergency first aid & Pet CPR. Many professionals have completed continuing education and received certifications to ensure your home and your beloved pet is well taken care of. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I always look for reviews and check their website carefully and how popular it is, that is how I hire a professional pet sitter.

  4. Thanks for your marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you can be a great author. I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will often come.

  5. I like that you mentioned making sure you pet sitter has a vet they can call if need be. I would either make sure you have someone to call or they do. As long as you know you have an emergency contact for medical problems you can rest easy at night.

    • Yolanda Nix says

      Yes. We use pet sitting software to maintain Veterinarian name, address, phone number and hours for Each Pet we care for; as well as each pets Emergency along with dates and amount of medication given at each pet visit. A Vet release forum is first on file prior to service or we don’t provide service. Every pet sitter has this information prior to the first visit. Also, every pet sitter has the ‘Emergency Vet Office’ address, and phone number for every city they perform service.

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