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House Sitting Service – Bonded & Insured for House Sitting

Are you going away for an extended period of time? Do you need someone to stay at your home 24/7 because you are more comfortable knowing that someone is at home with your pets? Or, if you have no pets, you still want someone at your home daily and nightly for an extended period of time?
We offer House Sitting for this very reason. We are bonded and insured specifically for house sitting. That means the background checks have been done and the person staying in your home is bonded and insured to stay there.
Our House Sitting Service is good if you will be gone for weeks at a time and want someone in your home daily and nightly. We ask that the house sitter be able to do a few errands at the most, and will be in your home to house sit with or without pets 24/7.
All of our services can be scheduled by you in our online software which makes it very easy for you in those times that you need someone NOW!
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