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 ONLY SERIOUS COMMITTED ANIMAL LOVERS NEED APPLY. Please follow all steps below and call 214-628-3578 for recording!


We are always looking for team members who posses:

Do You have a passion for all pets and want to work with pets full or part time? All who apply should have pets of their own or have had pets. If you have Knowledge of Dog Breeds and their different behaviors as well as a Knowledge of Cat Breeds and can offer our clients top notch customer service we may have a position for you. Are you a Problem Solver?  Are you able to work alone, independently, and self-manage a busy schedule? Are you seeking to supplement your income?

Pet Sitters/Dog Walkers

You will provide Dog Walks for dogs of all sizes and breeds and offer Cat Care. If you Can commit to an On-Call Schedule of Availability for our clients, Have reliable insured transportation, able to travel a 10 mile radius of your home AND have a smart phone we want to talk to you. Work for Daily clients is typically performed at Midday on a regular basis. Work for Vacation clients varies according to client need, and frequently require visits Sunday through Sunday in the Morning, Afternoon and Evening hours.

Overnight Pet Sitters

Overnight pet sitters work weekly and weekends.  We walk dogs, care for cats in their homes and are available to administer medications. Sometimes pets are ill, or have anxiety and should not be alone during the night. At times there is a need for Midday service the next day. We are hiring people that are able to perform the Overnight Service with our without availability for a midday service the next day.

The Quality of service is of the utmost importance. Pets Under Your Care Must Be Your Top Priority! All Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters should have the physical ability to pick up after pets and care for all pets in their care.  

Must Pass a Background Check prior to start.


Please fill out this form with your info!

Times Needed:

Morning Visits  7 am  – 10 am          Mid-day Visits 11 am – 5 pm          Evening Visits  5 – 9:00 pm

Night Visits  9 pm  – 10 pm          Overnight Visits  7 pm -7 am         Pet Sitters Should Be Available Weekends


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Please download and and upload the questionnarie to an email to fill in! Email to Pet Sitter Questionnaire. We must have the above app on file. Please only send this questionnaire after submitting application.  

Depending on your experience, location, and availability after the Pet Sitter Questionnaire the next step is a phone interview!

After your phone interview and If you have been given the password please fill out here