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Leash Up! What AreThe Benefits of Walking Your Dog?

benefits of walking your dogMost of us know all about the many benefits of owning a dog, but the best one is that our canine companions encourage us to get up and active ourselves! Our dogs have an innate ability to get our attention, and the feel of a cold nose or a happy bark in the morning is better than any alarm clock. Along with all the love and affection that we give our furry friends, it’s especially important for dog health to give our pups enough exercise too; for most of our furry friends, simply being let out to play in the backyard just doesn’t cut it. Not convinced turn off the TV, pick up that leash and get out there dog walking? Well, let’s take a look at some of the great things that can happen when you get out there and hit the sidewalk (or hiking trail, beach or park) with your tail wagging buddy.


  • Your Dog Gets Fit! It’s the most obvious reason, of course, but probably the most important one for your dog’s long term health. A daily stroll conditions your dog’s muscles, maintains their bone strength, and keeps their physique slim and trim. In turn, your dog’s joints are more likely to stay flexible and healthy as they age.  Overweight dogs are at much higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.


  • They Work Their Mental Muscles! Our canine companions are highly social, smart and perceptive animals, and their brains are made for hunting and exploring. Without enough brain-boosting activity, your pup can become bored, frustrated or hyperactive. Outdoor activity is particularly important for senior dogs, helping to keep their minds sharp well into their golden years.


  • They Meet and Greet! Socialization is vital for new puppies especially, but most dogs enjoy the chance to explore the world beyond your front door. Many dogs thrive on adventure and love accompanying their owners on new and exciting experiences – even if that just means visiting a different park than usual.


  • Their Behavior Improves! Dogs hate being bored – in fact, they hate it so much that they`ll usually create their own entertainment. Unfortunately, that could mean that your dog chews furniture, digs, barks, or runs up and down the fence in your backyard, to the annoyance of your neighbor. Taking your dog for a walk allows them to expend that energy in a positive way – a tired dog is truly a happy dog.


  • They Learn New Things! Your walks can be a great opportunity to teach your dog a new command or trick. Outdoor outings are perfect for teaching your friend leash manners, how to properly greet people, or even to ignore that bicycle wheeling by.


Putting one foot in front of the other may seem obvious, but you`d be surprised how much this simple act does for your dog`s health, mental well-being, and most of all, for the bond that you share together. In the end, our dogs just want to be part of our everyday lives – so let`s take them along to see the world with us. Grab your leash and get out there!

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