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One Price Complete Service Pet Sitting Not Timed – Vital Visits

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By the looks of it, we are a hit in our area! What are we talking about here? The One Price Complete Service Pet Sitting model.
As a pet parent, do you wonder how your pet will do with those 15 minute or 30 minute visits that your pet sitting company doesn’t tell you that are ‘timed’ visits? Yes, we know! You pay for minute visits so it isn’t new to you. What if you tried a new concept? Are you finding that your pet (s) just aren’t receiving enough one on one attention? Is your pet care company charging you more $$ every time they stay past their allotted time? Are you receiving surprise invoices that include ‘extra’ fees? Are you tired of feeling gouged when you need pet sitting service and don’t know what in the world you are actually paying for?
This is the reason we charge One Price/Flat Price what ever you want to call it; Pet Sitting. Yes, we make our living off of pet sitting. Our company provides many different services every single day, and we do not up charge our clients for those ‘extras’ that often happen.

Like what you say?
The times that your pet needs longer walks, or actual running time. The time that your senior pet needs hand feeding because he just needs to go slow and doesn’t feel well. The time when if we are all lucky, your cat wants play time and not just the litter maintained. The time when your bird that uses his cage as a feeding and watering station wants to fly and not return to it’s cage. All of these examples and more are why we charge one price.

We pet sit according to your pet’s need. Many times a 30 minute visit isn’t enough. We take care of living animals and there is no way to measure what sort of mood they will be in at the time of their visit, so we don’t measure!
Do away with timed visits. Give your pet(s) what they deserve! One Price Full Service with no add ons, & no suprises. Just a complete pet sitting service provided not timed  & according to their needs.
Become a part of our pack! To find out more give us a call, or fill out the contact us form.
If that isn’t enough! We offer Pet Packages for clients that need 4+ visits per week!
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