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Overnight Pet Sitting for Cats Too!

Author:  Candice Lewis

Overnight Pet Sitting is not only for dogs.  We provide Overnight Service for your kitties too!

Cute, playful, adorable, yet lazy, independent, hunters. If you are a cat owner like myself do you ever wonder why cats act the way they do? I recently watched a video called ‘Cat Connection’ to see if I can find some answers to why cats behave the way they do. Where did they come from? What can they see? Why do they have an attitude or care what I do? How do I know if my cat is sick? What do I do if my cat is sick? These are just a few questions that have crossed my mind.

Also, because cats love a routine and don’t like it broken what is it like for them to be left alone?  How do they respond when you are gone for long periods of time?

Where do cats  come from?

Egyptians started to notice that cats would hunt for rodents. They kept them around to hunt and kill the rodents that were eating the grain kept in the silos.  Cats didn’t really communicate with the people they just got their prey and went on their way. It’s still unknown how cats really became domesticated. I also read in an article, A brief history of house cats, that the Egyptian goddess Bastet, sentenced death to any person convicted of killing a cat. In Beni-Hassan archaeologist found 300,000 mummified cats. Bastet loved cats.

Cats body

Cats have a flexible back bone and their feet are made for climbing. They have razor sharp claws to help them climb and to catch prey. Did you know that cats can see with their whiskers? They don’t have eyes on them but from the vibrations they get from their whiskers they feel where they are going. Their ears are like microphones. You think they would be able to follow your commands better, but really it’s sensitive to them. Their eyes are more powerful than a human’s they can see better in the dark then we can.  They believe that cats can see green and grey. I guess that’s where they get night ray vision from. They love to be rubbed because their fur is real sensitive to touch. It feels good to them and they enjoy it a lot.


Unlike dogs, cats have their own minds and don’t like to be controlled. There are over 50 breeds of cats and still all have that “I will do what I want” attitude. Cats will show love and affection when they want and they will let you know when it’s enough. Sometimes your kitty wants that ‘special’ time.  We offer love and attention all the time, but at times such as the evening or early morning, depending on your kitty they will tell us that more love and attention is required.  Of course, this depends on your cat and their routine.

Don’t stare too long at your cat! In the Cat Connection video it was mentioned that it’s because cats take starring as a threat. When you play with your cat, it’s actually jogging a memory of their past. They are practicing there hunting skills. If you have two kitties, and notice that one cat is not eating or not using the litter box, it might be something to do with other cat dominating. This can cause serious health issues. Urinary tract infection and weight loss from not eating is not a fun trip for your cat to the vet. You could get an extra litter box and put food somewhere else so both can eat.


I know that it is hard to leave your cat behind when you have to travel. It’s important to get a replacement for you to fill in so your cat doesn’t get anxiety when you are away.  Our overnight service is an answer.

Here are the links to some of the information I came across. I hope you enjoy. Thanks         920958_591881847496156_285378156_o


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