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Overnight Pet Sitting Visits – Lets talk about overnights- Richardson TX

Sometimes we have emergencies that come up, and times that we go out of town for a planned well needed vacation time away. It is so hard to go while we leave our pets at home. Our pet’s are our family too! Seriously!, our pets are as important to us as our children.                    They ARE our children!

They know very well that the plan is to be away for a few days when they see the suitcase come out to pack. Some pets become very sad at the sight of just the suitcase! THAT IS BAD ENOUGH!
Sometimes, pets are sick and on important medications that have to be given. This all makes it so difficult to leave your loved ones!
What do we include in our Overnight Service Premium Package?
We come to your home in the evening for our scheduled visits to do everything that your pet is accustomed to.
With Our Premium Package we will walk in the evening, play with your pet, & make sure that the routine that you have established is not changed. Is your pet taking special medication that has to be administered in the evening? Is he used to sleeping in your bed? Is there a special toy that they love? Is there a special feeding schedule? Are your pets used to playing outside/inside for a certain amount of time after their evening walk? Do your pets all have different feeding schedules? Different foods?
We know how hard it is to leave! We know because we have been providing overnight services for years and have seen it all! NOTHING IS A SMALL ISSUE WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR PET (S)!
In the morning we follow your pet’s routine such as letting him out, or making sure that there is a morning walk. We administer medication, be sure they have fresh food and water along with any treats that they are used to. We do not leave until their routine is very well taken care of. We return once again in the evening and are there to make sure that everything is safe and sound as it should be.
Overnight services help to alleviate your pet’s anxiety, because there is no need to go to a kennel. Your pet(s) get to be home where there are familiar smells, toys, sounds, and all that they are comfortable with.
Our Gold package includes a midday walk as well. We visit again at the midday to play, give special hugs, have a walk, and make sure that your pet is not lonely.
We will absolutely mimic as close as possible the routine that you have established with your pet.
Over Night Pet Sitting is not only for dogs. Cats also like to maintain a routine and do not like disruption to their schedule! If you have a feline companion the overnight service would benefit them as well.  All bonded & insured for your peace of mind.
Feel free to call us to discuss your needs at 214-664-2579, or fill out the contact form to the right……….>

*I would like to mention that we Do Not treat your home as a hotel stay or a retreat.  We are observant as to the condition that your house was in when you left.  We pick up after ourselves (not just your pet’s!) and will leave your home after the Overnight Visit is complete in the same way that you left it.*

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