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Overnight Pet Sitting

Overnight Pet SittingI know!  It is horrible to leave your pets at night!  You know you HAVE to go.  Either vacation travel, business travel, it can’t be helped!   The feelings you ‘feel’ when you must leave your fur kids alone are overwhelming and upsetting.

Your pets are as important to you as your children.  They ARE your children!   They positively know when you are leaving on a trip just at the sight of your luggage—before you pack! They give you that sad face and it doesn’t feel great for you!

Overnight Pet Sitting

We can help you with feeling a bit better about HAVING to leave your fur kids!   We offer Over Night Pet Sitting Visits for your Canine and Feline Companions!

Imagine knowing that your fur kids are receiving lots of love and attention and will be having a Tuck In bed when you have to leave them! Imagine knowing that your pets nightly routine is taking place for them as if you weren’t even away!

Your Choose!     Overnight Pet Sitting

We offer two Over Night packages.  The Premium Over Night Package includes your pets evening and morning routine.  They won’t be alone when we visit.  Their breakfast is given and dinner is given just in the way you instruct us!  All medication, vitamins, and treats are given the same way you would give them. They receive One On One Attention as well as their walks/playtime!

The Gold Over Night Package includes your pets evening  midday and morning routines.  Does your pet need a potty break, walk, or litter box scooped at midday?  Does your pet need their medication at midday?  This is the reason we offer the Gold Overnight Package. They receive One On One Attention as well as their walks/playtime at midday as well as in the morning and evening!

How Much Does It Cost?

Please call us to discuss your needs, OR fill out the Contact Us Form. We can help you decide which package your pet needs!  After all, these are 9 – 12 hour visits there is a lot to discuss!




  1. larry larsen says

    Looking for prices overnight or during the day visits. Thanks

    • Yolanda Nix says

      Hi Larry,
      Just seeing this comment. Could you please clarify what you may be needing?
      We offer different package pricing for Overnight Service depending if a next day midday service is needed. Also, the Day visits are package pricing for 5 days per week.
      I’d love to talk with you more, or offer you an exact quote. May I have your email address?
      Thank you for your time!
      Yolanda Nix

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