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Pet Packages


pet packagesWeekly Pet Packages Of 4 Or More Visits Per Week For Potty Break, Pet Visit Or Dog Walk

Think of something with me for a moment.

Can you envision your best friend staying at home with his toys and favorite treats being warm in his bed or on the couch relaxing.  Your dog is able to eat his regular meals at the usual times, has  many needed potty breaks, or walks for that special time that he/she loves outside for exercise and stimulation.  Your best friend is given his/her medication when it is needed, and receives lots of love and attention while you are away.

This is a reality when using Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service for Monday – Friday Weekly Potty Break Pet Sitting or Short Walking Service!


This Service is For All Pets, Senior Pets, Puppies and Kitties that need exercise, play time, or are still in the crate, Cats that need stimulation and should be checked on daily, and pets that need extra weekly care! ? 

What your fur kids gets:    

  • Morning, Midday, Evening Potty Breaks Need enclosed yard!
  • Short Dog Walks @90 degrees or Below!                                                                                                                                              
  • Lots of Love and Attention.  All the hugs, and pets that are so important.
  • Their daily meals when required!
  • Their medication 
  • Exercise as your fur kid is used to!
  • Filtered Litter Boxes
  • Play Time To Break Up Their Day!
  • Not Dropping Off Or Picking Them Up At DayCare Daily!

What you get:

  • Daily Visit Notes online or hard copy notes left at home
  • Email,  updates
  • Picture updates
  • Bring in/take out trash
  • Bring in mail
  • Rotate blinds, and or lights for added security
  • Bring in Fed-Ex and UPS boxes

pet packagesNo worrying about coming home to additional charges. 

You will never come home to additional invoices because we stayed longer than the ‘contracted amount of time’.  Think of it, no worries or extra bills. 20.75 per visit with 4 scheduled visits per week. One and Done! 

Short Walks 22.00 with 4 visits per week scheduled weekly.

Vital Visits will care for your pets and your home per your instructions during the days you schedule using our online system.