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Pet Taxi – Not just for Good Times – Richardson TX – pet sitter

Will you need someone to take your pet to the groomer? To his Vet?

Is there an emergency and you need someone to drive while you hold your pet after surgery on the way home?

Pet Taxi is the service for you! Pets are well taken care of while being taken in a pet sitters car (bonded & insured) for their time at the Vet’s office, or groomer when you can not be there!
One of the pets that we care for was recently about to have surgery. Her pet parent was beyond upset at the news that she was given. It was not good.

” Can you drive us home while I hold fur baby in my arms afterword?”   Yes!

Pet Taxi is not just for taking your pet to his groomer or to their Vet’s office. There are times when you least expect that you will need us. Some good times, some not so good, But we are here for you!
Call us. Tell us what you need. We strive to customize our pet visits and pet care just for you and your loved ones.


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