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The purpose of this meeting is for us to learn about your pet’s and home routine and be sure that we are a good fit!  Pet Sitters work as a team in designated areas. You will meet Your Primary Pet Sitter and Your Back Up Pet Sitter at this time. We will go over your pet (s) routine, view their eating and sleeping area, where their food and pet supplies are kept, and make notes of medication, and vitamins given. We will go over the household routine and make sure your questions are answered! The Forms we use for service will be gone over and signed. No service will be offered without this in home appointment! Please have 2 working/checked copies of keys prior to your in person appointment. Please Register prior to consultation by clicking the Register button to start the pet profile prior to this appointment. Please help us keep your Online Client Profile and Pet Profile up to date as this is the information we use to care for your pets.


Reservations Are On A First Come First Serve Basis

Reservations are accepted via email using this  Client Service Template or using our online system, not voicemail or text.  Reservations are not automatic. Once your scheduled reservation is confirmed and a Confirmation Email has been sent to you, you will receive an invoice for the upcoming service. Please help us keep your Online Client Profile and Pet Profile up to date as this is the information we use to care for your pets. 

Accepting Checks, Cash, or Credit Card/Debit Card. All services are paid for prior to the first visit. Credit cards will be charged Sunday night prior to first service for weekly or vacation visits. Monthly service is charged on the last day of the month prior to next months service. There is a 35.00 fee for returned checks.


Our pet sitters must be paid for service even while in route to a scheduled pet sitting visit.

Once service is confirmed via office we do not refund for Early Return/Late Departure, but can credit your next service. We understand that plans change. We do not overbook service and dedicate our time to you therefore have not accepted another service in place of yours.

All Services

*With a 48+ hour notice for cancellation we offer a credit for service.  However, if you cancel 48 hours or less prior to the scheduled service date you will be required to pay for the pet visit that you have scheduled.  

Cancellation of Overnight Service, Day Visits & House Sitting Service

Due to the exclusive nature of Overnight Service, Day Visits or House Sitting our pet sitters do not accept other requests during the time scheduled for your Overnight or House Sitting Service Scheduled. Please give 2 week notice for cancellation for no charge. If service is scheduled via office, complete cancellations of the booking, the client will be responsible for half the total invoice up to start date for Overnight Service bookings and two (2) weeks for day visits from the starting date and 2 days after start of service.  

Last Minute   

It takes 48 hours to plan for services. Our pet sitters are required to give 100% during each pet visit.  We do not keep your keys with us at all times. We must have time to plan for pet sitting visits. If you schedule ‘the day of’ or ‘the day before’ services are due, you will be charged a convenience fee of 20.00.

Our pet sitting software assigns a special code to your keys which does not include your name or address. This is stored confidentially in our system. We ask for 2 working keys. One for your primary pet sitter and one for your backup pet sitter. A garage controller/code will not be used as sole entry into home because of the possibility of loosing electricity when least expected!  

 Feel free to pick up key at office at an agreed upon time! If we Pick up, or Return key there is a 24.00 charge. If we copy key because we did not pick up a second key during the consultation there is a 20.00 charge.

Trespassers/Job Sharing
We do not share duties with other persons and will not be held responsible for problems arising with your pets or home when someone we do not insure is involved. Our liability insurance will not cover both parties. Only pet sitters with Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service will be covered. Please keep this in mind if and when you decide to share duties or allow other people in your home during our service schedule as this constitutes breach of service agreement. This is done for liability and the security of our pet sitters. 

Free Roaming Pets

Vital Visits will not be held responsible for Free Roaming Pets whether dogs or cats if allowed to roam outside when you are away. In case of mishaps, loss, damage or death of a pet who is allowed to roam free outside Vital Visits cannot be held responsible.

Minimum Pet  Visits Dogs should be visited every 6 hours.  If small pet ( small bladder) they should be visited more often for potty break.  Cats will be visited every 24 hours. No exceptions.  Strongly suggest cat visits every 12 hours.  These policies are in place for the health of your pet.

Holiday Fee: 
ONLY Applies to the following days: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, The Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. 20.00 Per Visit.

Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service will use their best judgment in caring for your pets(s) and home. If we are servicing you at the time of inclement weather, Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service will try to carry out your instructions to the best of our ability. The care we provide to our customer’s pets and their safety is our first concern. The inclement weather plan will be as follows: 1) Every effort will be made to drive to your home; 2) The service schedule may be changed, interrupted, altered due to circumstances, with your permission-stay at your home, or remove small animals from your home and care for them at my home; 3)If it is not possible to drive safely to your home, your emergency contact will be notified, 4) You will be notified that the above-mentioned contingency plan has been activated.
 Odds & Ends
While we make every effort to keep our website and menu of services up to date, please note that prices and services are subject to change at anytime. We value our clients and appreciate their business, we do not job share with friends and family and reserve the right to refuse service at any time, to anyone, for any reason.