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There are times that we get these questions and there are most likely many issues that some may not know or consider.  There is an ongoing debate with day care facilities and private in home dog boarding.  Once you know the difference you won’t go back.

1.   Do you think your dog is cared for, played with, or will receive much attention while in a day care facility?

Most likely there are 1 or 2 people on staff at a day care facility that are not trained other than to watch all of the dogs outside.  Their job is to make sure there is no fighting between dogs and that is about it.  When day care facility staff watch 25+ dogs at once it just isn’t possible to WATCH every pet!


With our doggie lodge we accept no more than 4 pets in a pet sitters home.  This means hands on attention, playtime, snuggle time, and making sure that they are WELL taken care of!  Your pet also will get to know their own doggie lodge pet sitter! We never accept more than 4 pets at a doggie lodge pet sitters home.

2.  What about specific handling of your dog?   Who does that?  Are they trained on leash handling, first aid and CPR for pets?

It has been well documented in cases where there has been ‘accidents’ in a day care.  Handlers are usually part time workers with limited experience.  The worker is usually a young person of which this may be his/her first job.  There may be an actual interest of pets but how will this person respond if your dog suffers bloat, or stroke, or another serious issue??


Answer: Our doggie lodge pet sitters are trained in Pet First Aid, and Pet CPR.  We have hands on training through Pet Tech for just this reason.  We know who your vet is and will make sure to care for your pet as if he/she was our own.


3.  What about cleanliness?   Can your pet become ill from handling?

Yes, humans can spread illness to animals and visa versa.  The more people that handle your pet the higher the risk of illness.

Answer:   Our Doggie Lodge pet sitters care for your pet in their private home. You will have the opportunity to meet with the pet sitter and inspect the home where your pet will lodge while you are away.


Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service offers a Check In Time and a Leave Time.  Once you have decided to lodge your pet with us we keep track of the rest. All paper work is done online and you may create a pet profile as well.   Nothing gets missed when lodging your pet with Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service.

We ask that you bring you pet bedding, toys, food, special treats and medicine.  :)





  1. Vital Visits says

    Thank you for your comment. It is true that the factors that cause HGE are unknown.

    From my perspective the use of facilities over private in home boarding provided by many professional pet sitting businesses is a conversation the public should have.

    My business is in touch with many great pet sitting businesses locally, and throughout the country. I can positively tell you that we all try very hard to be up to date on the skills it takes to provide pet care: pet handling, training, dog walking, CPR, First Aid, breeds, dog aggression, leash handling, & palliative care, while keeping abreast of known pet food recalls. What is unknown is how often this happens in private boarding situations. Unfortunately, this horrible incident has happened in The Pet Spot which has many satisfied and trusting clients. My concern is not directly in favor or against this facility, but for the pets; after all we are here for the pets!

    This is not to say that The Pet Spot is making a below par daily effort while offering day care service to their clients.

    To the point of “ I just want to clarify the rumors circulating on the internet regarding the recalled foods as a possible cause of these horrific deaths.”
    Please note that the Fox 19 news link was provided in the article including their video for anyone to peruse and make their own determination. Specifically, a doctor stated that 3 dogs seemed to be infected by a rare illness. Six dogs were ill and 3 died.
    All stayed in the same facility with the one common denominator being that all ate the same pet food.

    The Pet Spot has closed its day care facility until Aug. 19 in hopes of learning more about the illness.

    Yolanda Nix


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