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For Weekly Service or Vacation Service We offer:  Early Morning, Morning, Midday, Late Midday, Evening Visits & Late Night Visits. See List Below

All Visits Include Pet Routine Fresh Food, Water, Treat Time, Lots of Love and Attention, Supplements and or Meds if needed! NO Up Charging Per Number of Pets.

Bonded and Insured For All Services



Pet Package Monday – Friday

M-F  Dog Walking – All dog walks are performed in your neighborhood or nearby park. This is not a dog park visit. We will walk your dog/dogs for exercise and potty break. We walk dogs in 90 degree weather or less. If over 90 degrees out, we offer short shade walks, water hose/sprinkler play or pool time!  22.00 per visit.

M-F  Potty Break With Backyard! – Some dogs don’t like to leave their home for long periods of time or are senior pets. If you have a back yard, we offer backyard potty break with a pet sitter. We stay with them while outside and offer time to roam, play time such as toy play, ball or Frisbee play!  Monday – Friday weekly scheduled visits 22.00 per visit. 

Small Dogs need every 6 hour potty break. Large Dogs need a every 7-8 hour potty break.

Vacation Pet Sitting For Dogs, Puppies, Cats, Birds, All Pets!  The same service as above but not scheduled weekly. All vacation service is  25.00 per visit.

Overnight Services! –  We Know what happens when your pet sees your suit cases come out! :(  … A pet sitter comes to your home and visits your pets until you return from your trip! This service is for pets who are anxious or fearful of being left!  This is a 8 – 12 hour Service that starts ‘around’ 7pm  but can start after 9pm with the evening meal and ends with the morning meal. This includes your pets normal routine!    100.00 per Overnight. Check our reviews on Angie’sList, Google, Facebook!

Don’t need Overnights But Want Pet Visits?

ATO Alternative To Overnight A.M. – Early morning 6:00 – 7 am  Includes pets morning meal and routine! – 35.00 

ATO Alternative To Overnight P.M. Nightly  9:00 – 10:30 pm  Includes Pet evening meal and routine! – 35.00 

House Sitting- A 24 hour per day service for homes with our without pets. Call for details!

Pet Taxi For Current Clients! – This service is for current clients to be taken to and from the vet’s office during times you are away or unable to take your pet to see the vet! If we are performing daily dog walks, or vacation pet sitting and you have a regularly scheduled vet visit coming up just let us know and we will add it to our scheudle!  30.00 

Home Security Home Checks – This service is for homes without pets to check the inside and outside of home. We do not clean pool, but will start and turn off. 25.00

Cleaning Litter Boxes – This service is for current traveling clients that want the extra step of cleaning one litter box while you are away. Each litter box charged for service of cleaning. Please have all supplies available! 18.00 (this is not a filtering service)

Please go to our rates page for service fees!