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Cat Feeder and Your Cat

Cat Cafe In Richardson?

To have a cat is fun and a source of joy. However if you have a lazy cat, it is a real pain and if the cat happens to become fat or obese, you can imagine the trouble you are into. While for a Dog a walk in the morning could be a trip to heaven, for my cat Flossy, it is a real torture and she, makes no bones about it to make me understand. It required a superhuman effort on my part to make her stand from her seat of comfort. It requires a cup of milk and a lot of cajoling to make her take a short walk around the corner. If she is chased by a dog, I had to pick her up and she would stare at me with fiery eyes to get the message through “Why do you make me endure this unwanted torture. Cats are lazy creatures and often spend their time eating and sleeping. It creates a lot of problems, especially when they get older. Therefore to stop them from overeating, the best resort is to get a Cat feeder. read more

Is Your Cat Lonely For Our Midday Visits?

Is Your Cat Lonely For Our Midday Visits?Most of us cat people certainly understand that our cats don’t always like to be alone. There are times when they need companionship.  It is understandable that most people believe cats don’t need anyone to feel content, and happy, but that is not true. In some cases, they cling to emotional bonds more than people do.  Have you noticed this? read more

Overnight Cat Sitting -Richardson, TX

Overnight pet sitting is not just for our canine companions!

We also provide overnight pet sitting for Cats! For the circumstances when you have to leave town for a few days at a time or more, and it is a difficulty because your cat has ‘special needs’!

Try Overnight Cat Sitting                                      Overnight Cat Sitting

Not every pet can be left alone overnight.  Kitty’s have anxiety too! We’d like you to know that we are available to stay with your feline friends overnight to provide the same love and attention you would if you were home with them. Call us. We will be glad to discuss your needs.  For now, we hope you enjoy the video of overnight cat sitting with Bitty. read more

What Happens At A Pet Visit? Plano,TX Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Plano, TXWhat Happens At A Pet Visit In Plano,Tx?

This is one of the first questions we are asked.  Of course, it depends on what type of pet visit  being performed, but most clients are surprised to know that they choose what happens, NOT us.  We will follow your instructions during our visits to the T. It is your pet sitters job to care for your pet (s) the way that you would if you were home! read more

So, you’re thinking of bringing home a new kitty!? – Cat Sitting- Richardson, TX

I know!  They are soft, fun, and fluffy, but there are some things for you to think about before before bringing home kitty!Cat Sitting Richardson, TX

Choosing a new kitten

Are you thinking about adding a new kitten to the family?  If you have had cats in the past then you know that this isn’t a decision to make lightly!   If you are new to having a cat then there are things you should consider first!   Here I have made a list of topics and ideas for you to consider. read more

Does Your Cat Need A Pet Sitter – Richardson TX

If I leave enough food and water out for my cat surly my cat will be fine!

There are many reasons as to why your cat need a cat sitter!  Depending on your cat’s personality, age, and socialization, all cats should not be left alone.

1. Cats can become lonely, or fearful.  Yes, cats like their ‘space’ but do still enjoy human contact.  Your pet sitter will make sure that there is interaction, play time, and lots of affection while pet sitting. read more

3 Dogs Die in Day Care – Please be careful with your pets and trust an IN HOME Professional Pet Sitting Service!

More info on why to use a Professional Pet Sitting Service!

Everyone knows by now about the Proctor and Gamble voluntary pet food recall that happened earlier this week.  Now we are hearing stories from our news reporters that 3 dogs have died while in a day care in Ohio.  One client specifically asked for his dog not to be put with other pets while in day care, but that request was not honored.  The dogs were all given the recalled pet food causing them to become ill and die. read more

Why NOT Ask A Friend Or A Neighbor?! Pet Sitting- Richardson Tx

As you are planning to travel away from home one of the first things you think of is what to do with your pets?

Do you wonder about asking a friend or a neighbor about ‘checking’ in on your pets?  Why not ask a friend or a neighbor?!

Your friends or neighbors will help you and that is a great thing!

Just avoid asking too often as you may be the one that is being avoided because after asking once or twice they will think that you will ask AGAIN and this may cause a problem in that friendship. read more

Some Of The Ways We Offer You Home Security – Richardson, Tx

 Home Security For you!

Whether you are traveling away for vacation, or working from home while we pet sit for your pet, the issue of Home Security is a huge one!  The very first thing that you will learn about Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service is that you are privy to the background check done on our employee whom is your pet sitter. read more

What To Expect At The Consultation

What to expect at the Consultation:Pet Sitting Richardson, TX

Before using the services of a professional Pet Sitter it is important to schedule a consultation.This is the time you will find out if the pet sitter and company are a good fit for you and visa-versa. It is a good time to have all of your questions answered, and learn about the policies of the company. read more