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Cat Feeder and Your Cat

Cat Cafe In Richardson?

To have a cat is fun and a source of joy. However if you have a lazy cat, it is a real pain and if the cat happens to become fat or obese, you can imagine the trouble you are into. While for a Dog a walk in the morning could be a trip to heaven, for my cat Flossy, it is a real torture and she, makes no bones about it to make me understand. It required a superhuman effort on my part to make her stand from her seat of comfort. It requires a cup of milk and a lot of cajoling to make her take a short walk around the corner. If she is chased by a dog, I had to pick her up and she would stare at me with fiery eyes to get the message through “Why do you make me endure this unwanted torture. Cats are lazy creatures and often spend their time eating and sleeping. It creates a lot of problems, especially when they get older. Therefore to stop them from overeating, the best resort is to get a Cat feeder. read more

Overnight Pet Sitting for Cats Too!

Author:  Candice Lewis

Overnight Pet Sitting is not only for dogs.  We provide Overnight Service for your kitties too!

Cute, playful, adorable, yet lazy, independent, hunters. If you are a cat owner like myself do you ever wonder why cats act the way they do? I recently watched a video called ‘Cat Connection’ to see if I can find some answers to why cats behave the way they do. Where did they come from? What can they see? Why do they have an attitude or care what I do? How do I know if my cat is sick? What do I do if my cat is sick? These are just a few questions that have crossed my mind. read more

How Do You Reserve Pet Sitting? – V V pets – Richardson TX


Have you ever wondered how we keep up with who we get to visit with, and what sort of information we need to know before the pet sitting visit?

Some of the items that we have to know before the pet visit are:  You can mail this to us! Client Service Template read more

Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter – Richardson Tx

Hiring A Professional Pet Sitter

There are many schools of thought on what to look for before you hire a pet sitter. Does your pet sitter have a backup person when they become ill?  Does your pet sitter have an Inclement Weather clause?   How will your pets be cared for? Does the pet sitter have experience? Or, is the person a ‘Hobby Sitter’?   Below is a list written  by a PSI member on what to look for before you hire a pet care provider. read more

Thumbtack Service Board Paid For And Not Paid For? What Is This?

What does this Elite Thumbtack membership mean to you?

To be a elite member means that the pet sitting business has great reviews, & testimonials from actual clients, & been in business for years.  It also means that the provider of service pays to be advertised on their service pages before they ‘bid’ on a job. read more

Bonded & Insured Pet Sitting – What in the world does it mean? – Richardson TX

What does it mean to you to have a bonded & insured person in your home? Does having liability insurance and a bond give you more peace of mind?
Just what does it all mean?

We are insured and bonded by a company by the name of Mourer Foster Insurance. This company works with pet sitting companies to offer the best in service and coverage.    We have a certificate of insurance through Kennel Pro. read more

Pet Taxi – Not just for Good Times – Richardson TX – pet sitter

Will you need someone to take your pet to the groomer? To his Vet?

Is there an emergency and you need someone to drive while you hold your pet after surgery on the way home?

Pet Taxi is the service for you! Pets are well taken care of while being taken in a pet sitters car (bonded & insured) for their time at the Vet’s office, or groomer when you can not be there!
One of the pets that we care for was recently about to have surgery. Her pet parent was beyond upset at the news that she was given. It was not good. read more

Not Enough Hours in your Day? Get Your free time back!

Do you find your-self running short on time? Do you need help grabbing necessities at the grocery store, or picking up items for your pet at the pet store? Is your office a mess? Would you like to find the time to do the things that you ‘want’ to do? Our Personal Concierge Service is for you!
Just tonight a pet sitter was doing her evening rounds and  after she finished with her day she picked up dog food at petco, and bird food of tomato, apples, spinach and orange for a parakeet that we pet sit for, because the client’s just don’t have time to do everything. read more

One Price Complete Service Pet Sitting Not Timed – Vital Visits

Meme Me

By the looks of it, we are a hit in our area! What are we talking about here? The One Price Complete Service Pet Sitting model.
As a pet parent, do you wonder how your pet will do with those 15 minute or 30 minute visits that your pet sitting company doesn’t tell you that are ‘timed’ visits? Yes, we know! You pay for minute visits so it isn’t new to you. What if you tried a new concept? Are you finding that your pet (s) just aren’t receiving enough one on one attention? Is your pet care company charging you more $$ every time they stay past their allotted time? Are you receiving surprise invoices that include ‘extra’ fees? Are you tired of feeling gouged when you need pet sitting service and don’t know what in the world you are actually paying for?
This is the reason we charge One Price/Flat Price what ever you want to call it; Pet Sitting. Yes, we make our living off of pet sitting. Our company provides many different services every single day, and we do not up charge our clients for those ‘extras’ that often happen. read more

Overnight Pet Sitting Visits – Lets talk about overnights- Richardson TX

Sometimes we have emergencies that come up, and times that we go out of town for a planned well needed vacation time away. It is so hard to go while we leave our pets at home. Our pet’s are our family too! Seriously!, our pets are as important to us as our children.                    They ARE our children! read more