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Cat Feeder and Your Cat

To have a cat is fun and a source of joy. However if you have a lazy cat, it is a real pain and if the cat happens to become fat or obese, you can imagine the trouble you are into. While for a Dog a walk in the morning could be a trip to […]

What Does An Overnight Service Looks Like?

We don’t know anyone that doesn’t! but, For those of you that sleep with your pets, you will know what this picture is about!  If you look closely you will see in the middle of the bed there is just enough space for the pet sitter that is doing the Overnight Service! There are two […]

We AreHitting Single Digits -How Cold Is Too Cold For Your Pet?

We Are Hitting Single Digits! In Dallas and surrounding suburbs the temperatures have been hitting single digits the last 2 days with ice on the ground as we have been coping with the latest artic blast. In the past 2 days I’ve witnessed people out walking their dogs, for very long periods of time, and […]

How Do We Pet Sit? – A Client Wants To Know!- Plano Tx – Pet Sitter

How Do We Pet Sit? I was asked a great question the other day that I have never been asked.   The phone call was from a lady that is within a 1/2 mile of my home.   She was very afraid and worried because she has a surgery scheduled at the end of next month and […]

How Many Visits Does My Pet Need?

How do I know how many visits my pet needs per day?    One of the first things to consider when deciding on how many visits your pet needs is to consider their daily routine. There are many reasons why you will have a professional pet sitter visit your pet.   Some factors to consider are: […]

What Type Of Pets Do We Pet Sit? – Richardson Pet Sitter 214-664-2579

What type of Pets Do We Pet Sit?   At Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service we look after many different types of pets.  We realize that you may wonder ‘just what type of pets do we pet sit?‘  We pet sit for birds, rabbits, dogs cats,  ferrets, litters or both, rats, guninea pigs, hamsters, fish,snakes,& […]