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First Aid Tips On Dogs

If you have a dog, then you would know how their curiosity and activeness can get them into trouble. Sometimes, they even get hurt because of their misadventures. Knowing how to apply basic first aid on dogs can not only help it cope with the pain, it could even save their life. Thousands of dogs […]

Pet Sitting- Independent Contractor or Employee? Whats The big Deal? – Richardson TX

Why are pet sitting prices all over the map?  Have you ever wondered?   It makes a difference if a pet sitter is an independent contractor (less expensive per visit) or an employee (more expensive per visit because of taxes, workers comp) Do you really think that trusting your loved one(s) and your worldly possessions […]

Dog Agility Training Issues

  Teaching your dog basic execution and obedience requires simple training techniques, a little amount of time and patience. The course familiarization depends on the ability of a dog while the physical responses will depend on the dog’s age. There are several dogs that can be enthusiastically convinced to run through a short and straight tunnel to […]

Bonded & Insured Pet Sitting – What in the world does it mean? – Richardson TX

What does it mean to you to have a bonded & insured person in your home? Does having liability insurance and a bond give you more peace of mind? Just what does it all mean? We are insured and bonded by a company by the name of Mourer Foster Insurance. This company works with pet […]

Do You Need A Puppy Checklist? – We Have Help For You

Trying to raise a puppy can be an incredibly challenging task and one that is infinitely rewarding as well.  One of the cornerstones of good health for your pup is regular veterinary care.  Would you like to have some info on issues that come up before you adopt a pup?  Everyone has differing experiences but […]

Is Your Cat Lonely For Our Midday Visits?

Most of us cat people certainly understand that our cats don’t always like to be alone. There are times when they need companionship.  It is understandable that most people believe cats don’t need anyone to feel content, and happy, but that is not true. In some cases, they cling to emotional bonds more than people […]

Is It Possible To Have A Guilt & Obligation Free Holiday Season?

What do you think? Is it possible to have a guilt & obligation free holiday season when it comes to your loved ones? We’ve all been there! Sometimes we get that strange feeling that creeps over us during the holidays. You know what I’m talking about! The one that makes you wonder just how you […]

Do You Trust Someone You Don’t Recognize To Pet Sit For You? – Pet Sitting – Richardson, TX

I had a called from a  long time client  who asked me to return her house keys as soon as possible.  She was going to move back home to Colorado in what was an emergency as her mother  had just passed and needed her house keys asap!  Truth be told, it is none of my […]

New Kennel Virus In The News Today! – Use A Pet Sitting Service Instead

New Kennel Virus In The News Today!                                        Which would you rather have? Ok, this is getting scary people!   A new virus is spreading currently through three states that affects dogs, and there is no known cure, […]

Best Cat Litter? We Answer You – Cat Sitter – Plano, TX

Working in pet sitting for 12+ years has led me to have an opinion or two on the best litter for your kitty!  You can imagine can’t you?     We’ve taken care of a large number of cats!  One of the jobs we do is to make sure the kitty litter is sifted and to clean […]