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What Is Animal Hoarding?

We have all heard of hoarders- people who collect large amounts of things for no real clear purpose and end up being unable to manage it.  Unfortunately, animal hoarding is also a very real thing that happens every day. Animal hoarding is when a person has an overabundance of animals in their home and is […]

What Are Some Best Toys For A Puppy?

 Ever Wonder What Are The Best Toys For A Puppy? When you go to the pet store to pick up your new pups first toys, it is important to consider a number of factors to ensure the safety, entertainment and health benefits of the toys you choose.  It can be very overwhelming when standing in […]

When Is It Too Hot To Walk Dogs in Texas – Pet Sitting Richardson, TX

It Is That Time Of Year Again! We all love to be outdoors when the weather allows for daily walks, playtime outdoors, camping, fishing, and all of those fun summer activities! Actually, it was not that long ago when we had freezing temps in our area, but when is it too hot to walk dogs […]

Time For Our Back To School Pet Package?

The Worst Has Happened Your Dog Has Back To School Blues!  Actually, this picture is more of a funny than how your dog feels! It has been a few days now.  School has started and Fido has been left alone during the day. All summer long, Fido has had time for play, walks, and exercise […]

What Is Separation Anxiety? –

“Where’s my mommy?” “Is my master coming back?”   These are thoughts that could likely go through your dog’s mind, when you’re gone away, if you have a dog suffering from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is common with  certain breeds, particularly among indoor or rescued dogs. If you notice your dog showing the following symptoms, […]

Dog Food Recall For Mans Best Friend

Just as summer is getting into full swing and we are vacationing and spending time outdoors , we hear of yet another dog food recall for mans best friend. What is going on this time is The Natural Dog Company, Inc is recalling their 12″ Tremenda Sticks pet chews because they have the potential to be […]

Is Your Cat Lonely For Our Midday Visits?

Most of us cat people certainly understand that our cats don’t always like to be alone. There are times when they need companionship.  It is understandable that most people believe cats don’t need anyone to feel content, and happy, but that is not true. In some cases, they cling to emotional bonds more than people […]

What Does An Overnight Service Looks Like?

We don’t know anyone that doesn’t! but, For those of you that sleep with your pets, you will know what this picture is about!  If you look closely you will see in the middle of the bed there is just enough space for the pet sitter that is doing the Overnight Service! There are two […]

Is Your Pet Afraid During Rain Storms?

Pet Fear? It is that time of year again, the time when after school starts that the season is changing and we start to see more rain in the forecast.  It is a great time of year as Halloween soon follows, but have you noticed that your pet acts strange when it rains or thunders […]

Thank You To Our Human Clients And To Our Pet Clients- A Love Story-

Ever wonder what sort of clients we work for?  What makes us work so passionately for you and your pets? This is a story about a wonderful client who has been with us for 8 years.  She is a frequent referral on, and has worked with us a time or two as a pet […]