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Time For Our Back To School Pet Package?

Dog Walking Plano, TX

Time For Our Back To School Pet Package!

The Worst Has Happened Your Dog Has Back To School Blues!

 Actually, this picture is more of a funny than how your dog feels! It has been a few days now.  School has started and Fido has been left alone during the day.

All summer long, Fido has had time for play, walks, and exercise because his playmates were home for the summer break.  Did Fido enjoy hearing all of the sounds that come from a busy household during the summer?  You know, the sort of sounds that come from a happy household with everyone going about their business during the middle of the day?  Was there usually someone home to help fido make it outside for his much needed potty break? 

If your dog is lonely, or missing his daily exercise during the middle of the day it may be time for our back to school pet package!

Hiring a dog walker is relatively simple.  Hiring someone that has a love for pets and is energetic with lots of pet training is ideal!  Hiring someone with exact midday packages that you need is entirely different.  Do you want someone that will play, exercise, and walk your dog for as long as your dog wants? Do you work late every single evening and gone early in the morning?  Have you  just adopted a new pup that needs to be housebroken and you need help?

Our Back To School Pet Package includes this and more!  We stay for as long as Fido needs us. We don’t use a clock while pet sitting or dog walking.  We do this all year long and don’t see a reason to use the clock to check on how long we’ve been with your pet. Pet medication, vitamins, fresh clean water, fresh food, treats, toy play, leashed walking is included!  Check the packages below:

Who Is This Good For?

  • Teachers Package  Monday – Friday Midday Dog Walks.  This coincides with your school day schedule and holiday schedule and is for One dog walk, let out, and potty break per day! Please be sure that we have your school schedule!
  • Gold Midday Package  Monday – Friday  is for Two visits during the midday. For the person that knows you will be home late every day and need your dog walked and let out for potty break! Great for senior pets!
  • Midday Puppy Package We will come at the beginning of service for  Two visits which are spaced out until your puppy or new dog becomes housebroken and can hold it for longer periods of time.  Once it is determined that the pup can go longer comfortably, we will switch over to just the ONE visit Monday –  Friday.  This is great for young pups or newly adopted dogs.

We will:)

  • Take your dog for a walk
  • Play and run in a fenced in yard
  • Play Ball and Toy Play
  • Give lots of exercise
  • Offer feeding
  • Give medication/vitamins
  • Make sure your pup has a potty break!
  • We will give lots of love
  • One on one attention
  • Give treats if they are allowed.
  • You CAN come home to a happy pet.

*Most pets benefit mentally and physically from this break. Some behavioral issues may be helped.

*Your Home Will Be left the way you left it, not full of mess to pick up when you get home! 

*You will know that Fido has not been alone all day waiting to be walked!


We are in Richardson, Garland, Plano, and surrounding areas already! Let us know how we may help you!  

Thank you for reading!



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