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Welcome New Clients!


Once you know you are ready to move forward, please come here to sign up for service! Thank you! 🙂

There are 2 ways to sign up for service. 1) In pet sitting software or via  2) E-sign Service. You Choose. 

Sign up should be completed prior to consultation to help us gather All info for you pets and not take up more than 30 mins of your time at consultation!

Please Check Your Keys (2 sets of keys) which we will be picking up to provide service. 2 sets of keys: one for your primary pet sitter and one for your backup pet sitter! You will meet both at the consultation!



Please fill out the below forms before service begins! Thank you!

Permission To Treat Form & Emergency Vet Release Forms (3pages)  Medication Waiver Form  



2) Or E- Sign All Forms Here.  You will receive a copy to the email you provide. Fill Online

*Please sign up prior to consultation*

E-Sign Service Agreement Only 

 *If You aren’t able to register online via one of these methods please give us time to create your account before service begins! 


We are able to Offer you Different Dates And Times To Schedule Your In Person Consultation. 

During the Consultaton we will answer any other questions which you may have.  At this time we meet your pets, and go over your specific instructions which you gave us over the phone! We will view your routine for caring for your pet!   This means your pet’s eating area, sleeping area, litter box area, play area and outdoor area. We will take note of your requirements and view the rooms pets are kept if separated, and make note where the dogie door is located, and the specific place for the food bowls, their food, treats, and medications are kept and all pet supplies as well as pick up 2 sets of keys for service.  

We try to make this as easy as possible. Please help us by filling out all forms prior to the Consultation! We ask for as much lead time as possible to scheudle your consultation!

*We Do Not Provide Service If  a Consultation Is Not Performed*

As is common in the industry, Vital Visits is paid prior to service/at consultation.  Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service does not offer payment plans. We accept credit cards with 8 or more visits on one invoice. Otherwise, payment should be made via check.  When paying by check, and Because our pet sitters are in the field and may not be able to drop off payment for service to the office: If not paying by check at the consultation, please remit payment for service 2 weeks prior to service request to Vital Visits Pet Sitting Service 702 Westminster Dr. Richardson, TX 75081

Thank you!