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What Happens At A Pet Visit? Plano,TX Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Plano, TXWhat Happens At A Pet Visit In Plano,Tx?

This is one of the first questions we are asked.  Of course, it depends on what type of pet visit  being performed, but most clients are surprised to know that they choose what happens, NOT us.  We will follow your instructions during our visits to the T. It is your pet sitters job to care for your pet (s) the way that you would if you were home!

While you are at work or on vacation:

During our non-timed dog walks during the morning, midday or evening, we first make sure that our notes are all up to date and proceed to your home.  Once there, your pet sitter will get lots of ‘hello’s from your pet and read any notes that you )may have left for them.

This could happen before walk or after walk!):   We make sure the water and food bowls are refreshed, and give medication or vitamins.  We bring in your mail, packages, and newspapers and place them neatly on table and rotate the lights or blinds depending on which you want for home security.

While out on a dog walk it is your pet sitters main concern that your pet receive exercise and has a chance to relieve themselves and have fun!  After walking your pet where you ask (at park or neighborhood) we return after your dog has fulfilled his routine which may be for 20 – 60 minutes.  This depends on your pet and varies with big and small dogs.

When your pet sitter returns your dog will be given a treat and rotate toys.  There will be more play time and affection given as well!  When your dog(s) is happy, and tired your pet sitter will make notes after each visit.    pet sitting plano, tx

If you have cats, your pet sitter sifts the litter boxes, and offers play time, affection, and lots of pets!  Medication is administered per your instructions.  Sometimes your cat is hiding, so we must know the hiding spots and be sure to administer meds correctly.

The same thing happens for Vacation Pet Sitting and Overnight Service, or House Sitting Service.  We will make sure your home is in the same condition it was when we first entered and be sure to leave all secured.

We keep your instructions up to date in our online scheduling system which is hosted securely.  This is the way to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks for care of your pet!   We also will update you with pet pictures, texts, or email!  :)


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