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What Does An Overnight Service Looks Like?

What does an overnight service look like?

What Does An Overnight Service Look Like?

We don’t know anyone that doesn’t! but,

For those of you that sleep with your pets, you will know what this picture is about! 

If you look closely you will see in the middle of the bed there is just enough space for the pet sitter that is doing the Overnight Service!

There are two legs there between our clients!

The most absolute fun part about this picture is that these fur clients are worn out!  They’ve had a full day of pet visits, walks, fun, and now are ready for the overnight service which we make sure will go smoothly!

You know the deal, you need to go out of town and need a reliable service; somewhere that everything is taken care of.  You need to make sure that your fur kids are well taken care of!   Don’t worry anymore!

Our human clients have had updates along the way, and know exactly what is happening with their ‘children’!

 If you can dream it up, or have a need , we cover it.  We’ve been doing this a very long time and have years of experience.

 Thought it would be fun to show you the ‘sleeping arrangements’  for our fur clients, and show you What an overnight service looks like!

Our fellow pet sitter Nancee-Laetitia Marin of an An Artful Dogger has written a great article on the same subject and if you’d like you can read it here!

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